Top Organizations and People in Global Seafood Trade

Early rate deadline: April 30, 2022 ($495 USD)
Final deadline: May 31, 2022 ($695 USD)

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What is Seafood TOP 2022

Seafood TOP 2022

Seafood Industry TOP 2022 is recognizing outstanding organizations and people for achievements that are moving the global seafood industry forward. Trademodo’s team of editors and reporters will be searching, evaluating and naming winners in categories that span the entirety of the seafood supply chain.

Why apply

  • Brand exposure - Let the global seafood industry hear your story
  • Credibility - Be evaluated by Trademodo editors and reporters
  • Reputation - Gain recognition for excellence and hold the title of 2022 category winner
  • Opportunities - Get exclusive offers and more chances to have your brand featured
  • Visibility - Have your company featured on:


Seafood trade professionals and organizations of all sizes may apply to compete in relevant categories. Applicants will pay a one time application fee with no extra charge for multiple category entries. Supporting evidence will be required for each category application, and winners will be named based on the level of impact the applicant has had on the seafood supply chain. For more information on the Rules and FAQ, please click below.

Organizations & People of 2022


Apply if you or your organization has made an impact on the global seafood industry in 2021. The criteria for selecting winners will be based on: innovation and creativity, science and sustainability, power and influence, industry leadership, or other noteworthy progress or accomplishments.

Seafood producers and suppliers

Commercial fishing, aquaculture, algaculture, wholesalers, etc.

Logistics and transportation

Transporting, warehousing, importing, exporting, etc.

Science and environment

Associations, non-profits, researchers, etc.

Media and events

News, education, media, event organizers, etc.

Food processors and manufacturers

Food, equipment, machinery manufacturing, etc.

B2B Services

Financial services, brokering, inspecting, etc.

Retail and foodservice

Retailers, B2C product or service suppliers, etc.

Information and data

Software, data, reporting, etc.


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