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5 Top Tips to Improve Your B2B Marketing Copywriting and Get More Sales

How B2B seafood supply chain companies can improve their sales by writing more effectively

The world of B2B business demands a vast number of skills in order to see that bottom line swell and writing effective ad copy that converts prospects into customers is at the top of the list. Writing powerful copy is an art – and mastering an art takes years but… you can speed up the learning curve with these top 5 tips for writing B2B copy. 

But first… 

What is B2B Marketing Copywriting? 

B2B Marketing Copywriting is a form of content marketing. It’s written or spoken text, commonly used in advertisements, social platforms, and marketing materials developed with the intent to gain other businesses or organizations’ interest in your company’s product or service. 

Top 5 B2B Copywriting Tips 

Potential clients viewing your content only want a few things. They desire copy that does what it says its going to do, allows them to soak in the information without consuming a lot of time, and is relevant to them and their concerns. 

Business and organization leaders don’t have much time to spend skimming the internet and reading non pertinent information. Formulate section headings to urge readers to learn more because the fact remains – 80% of viewers read the headlines and just keep scrolling. Cultivate your headlines to be both informative about the information to come, but also act as a mini call to action. 

Speaking of calls to action…  

Leads that consume copy that directly speaks to their position on the buyer’s journey are exponentially more effective than copy created for generalized viewing – 202% more effective, in fact. 

If a potential B2B customer, like a supplier or service provider, is just entering the awareness stage, they are more apt to click a “Read More” call to action button on your website, and less likely to make a solid purchase since they are not in the decision phase of the journey… yet.

You carry one along when going to home improvement and grocery stores. You make one when you’re packing for a long vacation. You guessed it… a list. That ultra-valuable, condensed version of crucial information that makes your life significantly easier and less stressful. Your potential leads value the same from your copy. 

Society’s attention span has diminished over the years and providing high-impact lists embedded into your copy attracts 70% more traffic than if it were solely organized in paragraph-type format. When creating long copy pieces, embed a list after every 500 words for optimal engagement. 

Prospects on a quest to learn more and find pertinent information related to their needs seek out all-encompassing guide articles versus wasting time perusing 10 different websites to gather all the information. 

Not only will the instructional content provide leads with the information they need, it demonstrates the smooth and transparent process they can come to expect from doing business with your supply or service provider company. 

74% of readers, when polled, notice spelling and grammar mistakes which could offer the wrong impression about your supply or service provider company’s professionalism and attention to detail. No customer wants to be overlooked and they have come to expect the highest level of service. Demonstrate that standard with your copywriting as well. 

There is no excuse for spelling or grammar mistakes in your copywriting with the existence of free tools embedded into word processing platforms or free internet browser extensions for Google Chrome, Edge and others.


When armed with the statistical do’s and don’ts of B2B marketing copywriting, the only step left is to practice. Draft a great piece of copy for your next supply or service provider advertisement, social platform post, audio scripting, or blog post – and publish it. The key is to track that copy’s performance with your leads and adjust as needed to provide your readers exactly what they yearn for.

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