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10 free ways to increase web traffic for B2B websites in 2022

Free ways to increase web traffic for seafood supply chain companies in 2022

If you’re looking to generate more visitors to your B2B website, and your current strategy is focused on paid ad campaigns or social media, then you need to keep reading. A Trademodo survey of B2B seafood companies revealed that many website owners:

  1. Only have a website because new customers expect them to have one
  2. Don’t have a website that is set up to drive sales
  3. Lack a strategy for increasing web traffic that isn’t just based on paid ads or social media

The common theme is that many B2B websites are set up to just provide basic information, rather than specifically driving sales. Furthermore, many believe that visitors will just show up to your website. We’re here to tell you that you have to give them a reason to come, and then make them do it. Here’s 10 free ways to increase traffic to your site that you may not have previously considered.

#1 Content offers

Keep new and existing customers coming back to your site by putting useful content, resources, or tools on your website. This strategy is often referred to as a lead magnet when it requires your customer to input their contact information prior to gaining access. One example for seafood suppliers or wholesalers, is to include a weekly price or inventory list. You might also consider whitepapers, product guides (color, trim, seasonality, etc.), checklists, how-to guides, and more. For more on content offers, click here.

#2 Email lists

Leverage your existing contacts by creating a list of emails, and keep adding to that list. You can use content offers to gather new emails, or simply create a form for your customers to receive updates and special offers by email. Do note that you will need to follow anti-spam rules and regulations depending on the country your customer is in. For more on email marketing, click here.

#3 Website analysis tools

Website analysis tools can give you info on your visitors or where your site needs improvement. Information about your current audience, such as which countries they are from, can help you focus and refine your approach. Fixing technical and performance related issues can also give you a boost on search engines. The best place to get started is with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Note that you will need to follow their instructions to prove domain ownership.

#4 SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to generate organic traffic from people using search engines like Google. On page SEO refers to using focus keywords to tell Google what your page is about and when it should show up on a potential visitor’s Google search. Technical SEO refers to the structure of your website and how it relates to performance, indexing, and crawlability. Click the following for more on on-page SEO and technical SEO.

#5 Topic expertise

Showing Google you are an expert on a topic helps you rank higher for relevant organic searches. To do this, you will need to create a series of articles that extensively cover a topic and are focused around a pillar page. Let’s say you’re a tuna supplier, you would want to create a longer pillar article about everything you need to know on tuna. You would then create a series of articles that point to this longer pillar article with headlines like: what you need to know about grading tuna, tuna catch and seasonality, what you need to know about mercury levels in tuna, and more. For more on pillar pages, click here.

Backlinks are when links on one website take you to a page on another website. Websites with higher domain authority that link to and reference your site helps tell search engines your site is credible and drive referral traffic. For more on building backlinks, click here.

#7 Directories and local SEO

Create business profiles on free directories or local search platforms like Google or seafood industry sites like the Trademodo directory. These websites typically have higher domain authorities, so having your information and a backlink from them to your website will give you an SEO boost as well as referral traffic. It’s important to make sure that your company name, address, and phone number is the same across your website, social media, and these pages.

#8 QR codes

QR (quick response) codes allow anyone with a smartphone to interact with the information by downloading an app, accessing a website or document, and more. These codes can be printed out and stuck onto your product packaging. Your customers can then scan the code for access to product information, your website, and more. For more on QR code generators, click here.

#9 Guest posts

Guest posting, or guest blogging, is when you publish your content on another website. Sharing your content on a more established website or one with a different target audience is a great way for you to receive referral traffic and establish your reputation as an industry expert. For more on guest posts, click here, or if you’re interested in guest posting on Trademodo, contact us at Do note that some websites charge for guest posting opportunities.

#10 Media Coverage and Public Relations

If something interesting is going on with your company, chances are the media might want to write about it. In our experience, many primary producers like aquaculture farms operate in remote locations where local news outlets are happy to cover stories about their small communities. This is a great way to have a third party validate your company or share your story to a new group of readers. For more on putting together a public relations (PR) strategy, click here.

Click the following link if you’re interested in talking to an expert on B2B marketing for seafood supply chain companies.

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