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Data driven market intelligence and services
for the global seafood supply chain

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What we do

Our services


News, guides, rankings, reviews, case studies, research, trends and more.

B2B digital marketing

Web development, digital ads, content marketing, lead generation, and more.

Lead generation

Qualified lead lists, email marketing, events, webinars, and more.

Interactive directory

Business profiles with areas of focus, contact info, media, reviews, and more.

Who we are

Staying ahead

Trademodo is a privately held Canadian media and technology company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was founded in 2017 by seafood importers and exporters with the purpose of helping seafood supply chain companies go digital. Trademodo provides services to help businesses grow online by developing their online presence and capabilities.

  • The industry is rapidly changing, and it's our goal to help you stay ahead.
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Primary producers

Fishermen, seafood farmers, aquaculture, etc.


Importers, exporters, traders, distributors, wholesalers, etc.


Transportation companies, warehouses, cold storages, etc.


Equipment manufacturers and retailers, maintenance, etc.

Value added

Processors, manufacturers, packers and labelers, etc.

Retail and foodservice

Restaurants, retail food, grocery, catering, etc.

B2B Services

Financial services, brokers, inspectors, etc.


Organizations, government, military, hospitals, etc.

Why us

Data driven intelligence

Trademodo gathers seafood supply chain news, data, resources, and expertise to provide B2B trade professionals with the insight they need to make better decisions. Trademodo is driven by the millions of data points gathered from over 500,000 seafood transactions, 100,000 seafood supply chain businesses, and 15,000 risk profiles.



5 million +
Industry data points

Our team

Executive team

Paul Pan

CEO, Founder

Serial entrepreneur in food, tech, and media. Former President of a seafood and meat import, export and distribution company. Founded Trademodo as a result of first-hand experience with challenges in the seafood industry.

Richard Wang

CFO, International Advisor

Major shareholder and senior executive role in Dong Yuan Group (DYG) based out of Hebei, China; DYG has subsidiaries in real estate development, construction backing, property management, mining, auto distribution, and more.

Fernando de Bem

Tech Lead, Senior Engineer

Senior software engineer with experience at IBM, Microsoft, autoTRADER, PayByPhone, and more. Extensive experience as a software engineer and full stack developer.

Kenton Liu

COO, Marketing and Sales

Senior executive of Yusi Media Corporation and subsidiaries. Extensive experience in foodservice, hospitality, restaurants, nightclubs, and B2B sales and distribution. Early investor and part of Trademodo founding team.

Elizabeth Liu, KC

CLO, Strategic Advisor

Senior lawyer with more than 25 years of legal and management experience; expertise in startups and established companies; active senior executive positions in law, trade, marketing, and manufacturing companies.

Robert Arthurs

Industry Advisor

Senior executive and entrepreneur with 36 years of experience in agri-foods, oil, sports, and more. Former senior manager for export development of agri-foods with the BC Ministry of Trade.


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